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windows 7 mac drive View drives on finder desktopIn windows all the drives in your computer are visible from my computer but in Macintosh this is not the case. Apple tries to simplify your experience  of computing by hiding the files that you don’t need to see but this has an opposite effect on geeks like me who are always trying to get into the system.

Accessing specific network drives on your system is the most tiring experience of all if you have ever tried. You can put an icon of drives on your desktop for a faster access.

There are a few ways of doing this. The first one can be making an ‘alias’ of the drive and putting it on the desktop. The other one can be go to Finder-> Preferences-> General and check the boxes in front of Hardisks and Connected Servers. This will now allow you to view all your network drives on your desktop and all you macintosh hardisks.

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I have just passed class 12 and am looking forward to making it into a good college. I have also been the writer of many blogs such as TechnoDesi,NewtrojansBlog,GammersLane etc. and this blog is my new endeavour in the field of technology.

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