Post on multiple facebook groups in one click

Mackenzie M Post on multiple facebook groups in one clickMarketing on Facebook is the new mantra to popularize your products and links. Many companies are in the business of social media awareness. I made a small project a while back and want my friends to know about it by posting it on some of the groups I had joined which I found out to be a very tedious job. I had to manually go to each group and wait for the links to resolve to post my content. This is a very inefficient way of marketing. read more


Increase the resolution of MacBook Pro 13

macbook clip art 17487 Increase the resolution of MacBook Pro 13

Macbook Pro 13″ comes with a default resolution of 1280 X 800 which is smaller than most of the smart phones out there. Even smaller than its cousin Macbook Air 13″ which boasts a resolution of 1440 X 900. Well the only reason being Apple installs low-grade screens in Macbook Pro. As the Macbook physically has only 1280 X 800 pixels on it you cannot actually change the resolution of the screen as physics does not allow it. But if you are clever there are ways around it. If you can’t change the resolution of the screen you can certainly scale it to a higher resolution of same aspect ratio. read more


Get the New Gmail Automated Sorting Tabbed Inbox

Gmail just announced its new smart tabbed inbox system for desktop and mobiles on their quest to unify the design of all google products and services across different platforms . The new inbox will automatically sort your emails into different groups as Primary which will include all the emails people sent you directly, Social which includes all your mails from the social websites like Facebook Orkut LinkedIn, Promotions which is the spamy mail that wasn’t filtered and Updates and Forums. read more


Detect earthquakes while happening

11971488211294199438barretr Earth.svg .med  Detect earthquakes while happeningFrom the past couple of years apple is including motion detectors in their Mac as to protect certain moving parts inside it while in a fall and in iPhones and iPad. There is a very cleaver website that makes use of these sensors inside your devices to detect motion of the device. It acts like a seismograph which when left on a stable platform can detect slightest of the vibrations in the environment such as a truck passing by, a jack hammer or even you typing on the keyboard and making vibrations.

read more


Setting up web server on Mac OS X with wordpress

auth server icon Setting up web server on Mac OS X with wordpressI think setting up a local web server on your system is one of the initial steps you take if you are a web developer. Having done a similar post for windows Doing this for a mac seemed a subsequent step. On a mac this process is a bit easier than that on windows. The only thing you will need is a MAMP server package. MAMP stands for Mac Apache MySql Php server. This lets you run a web server with a php engine and an sql server which is mostly what you need to run a website. You can download the package from here. read more


Index network drives by Spotlight search on Mac OS X

Spotlight Icon Index network drives by Spotlight search on Mac OS X

Spotlight has one of the best made search algorithms of all times. It gives you instant search results so as you start typing in something relavent data starts showing up. All this is true for the mac but for any resource outside the mac spotlight does not work by its self. If you try to use spotlight in a network drive or folder it will show no results. read more

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