Make your own Facebook History Book

blank book 300x216 Make your own Facebook History BookThere is an app on facebook called Social Memories that users who have been active on facebook since june 2009 will like the most. This app reads your status updates, photo albums, events you’ve attended, places you checked-in, friends who you frequently interact with, etc and makes it into a flash based book which you may also order for 19€ (plus international shipping charges).

Every page on the book is full of information about your facebook profile From your total likes to a graph of your comments to your most commented to your largest album status its really cool. It also design a front and a back cover which consists of all your facebook friends.

The resolution of the flash book is not that good but you can save it as an album , well it leaves a link below the image but you get the whole album.

Screenshot1 Make your own Facebook History Book

Screenshot 21 Make your own Facebook History Book

Screenshot 1 Make your own Facebook History Book

Ashmeet Singh

I have just passed class 12 and am looking forward to making it into a good college. I have also been the writer of many blogs such as TechnoDesi,NewtrojansBlog,GammersLane etc. and this blog is my new endeavour in the field of technology.

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5 Responses

  1. amended says:

    How to make facebook group to history and memory book? (Include post, comment, percentage same as social memory features, photo, and updates.)

    • hey amended I tried really hard to find out the answer to your query but I was not able to find any way you can do this for a group. But I do have a theory which you can try our i.e you can go to Account Settings and then under the general you will find an option saying “Download a copy of your Facebook data.” you can request that it will take a few minutes to process your request any then you will be able to download a copy of you entire account and hope fully of the groups you want also.
      Hope this helps
      If I come across any new development on this I have your email ID

      • Carlie says:

        THAT’s why they weren’t noisy. I did buy the medium-large ones, but they still probably weren’t big enough to chirp. Co1dun&#82l7;t figure out why they were so quiet.

  2. Emery says:

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  3. Thanks so much for the blog article.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

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